• Alon Tesul

    Alon Tesul

    A Half-Elven Cleric of Vandria, he is a couple of hands short of six feet tall, with a somewhat stocky build, clearly favoring his human parent. He is strong but not nimble, he lacks a quickness of thought, preferring to think through actions and moments
  • Talberon Samot

    Talberon Samot

    5th level Cleric of Xoladar
  • Tavish Dunholde

    Tavish Dunholde

    Human male. 6'0" 185 lbs. Green eyes, reddish-brown hair kept in a short, tight ponytail, with the left side-burn grown long and braided, where the right side-burn would be is a small, but garish scar/burn. He walks in a very upright, military manner.