The list below includes the major gods of the human pantheon. We’ll be using the standard non-human gods for the most part.

Arros (Deathbringer)
God of fear, darkness, night and death
Holy symbol: A hangman’s noose

Faldren (Grandfather)
God of wisdom, knowledge, and inner strength
Holy symbol: An open book

Lajin (The Avenger)
God of vengeance
Holy symbol: A nicked sword

Maris (Mother Earth)
Goddess of the Earth, soil, the harvest, and birth
Holy symbol: A stalk of grain

Morian (The Hunter)
God of the wilderness, herds, and the hunt
Holy symbol: A bow

Nak Tagga (Vilespawn)
God of monsters and disease
Holy symbol: A clawed hand

Namera (The Enchantress)
Goddess of love
Holy symbol: A ribbon

Oros (Father Sky)
God of sky, wind, sea, and weather
Holy symbol: A feather

Tallos (Lawbringer)
God of justice, order, punishment, penance, and war
Holy symbol: Shield emblazoned with warhammer

Taurin the Unpredictable (The Trickster)
God of chaos, questions, travel and thieves
Holy symbol: A pair of dice

Urani (Mistress of the Moon)
Goddess of the moon, magic, and mystery
Holy symbol: A crescent moon

Vaspar (Keeper of the Flame)
God of sun, light, and fire
Holy symbol: A flame or burning sun

Xoladar (Mistress of Sorrow and Pain)
Goddess of ?
Holy Symbol: ?


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