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Basic Game Info
Game Rules
We’ll be playing the game using a variation of 2nd edition AD&D, including most of the Player’s Options books, that we like to refer to as AD&D 2.5. We say a variation of 2nd edition because over the last decade plus of playing it, we’ve modified the rules we felt were dumb (or could be better). We’ll try and list any major changes we can think of below, but it’s pretty much a certainty that we’re going to forget that something we do isn’t the way the rules are actually written. So we’ll ask for your patience and flexibility in advance.

Character Creation
Please contact Dave if you haven’t already created a character. Given the particular scenario Thom and I think that certain character types might be either less fun for players or have too much potential to unbalance the game, so we’d like to be involved. We’d be glad to create characters for you if you like or don’t possess the books, but we of course would prefer to at least get your input into what you might enjoy playing. We also want to make sure that despite the intent of this being a one-time adventure, your character have a rich background and history. This should help people be able to get into their characters and provide opportunities for us to tailor the adventure to keep the characters in mind.
Update – more details on character creation can be found on the forum here.

House Rules
Alas, poor THACO, we hardly knew you – Yes, it’s true, we’re not going to be using the 2nd edition THACO system for a couple of reasons, mainly because it’s silly. Everyone’s Armor Class will start at 10 and improve from there. Rolling to hit, you’ll be given a target number and you’ll need to roll above that, factoring in any bonus and penalties. We realize that this was a change that was made in 3rd edition (or 3.5, or maybe it was 4th), but frankly we were using this system long before that.

Initiative – Two important points about how we do initiative.

Update 11/15/10 – We’ve changed our minds on the cumulative initiative – playtests showed it to be too cumbersome and complicated for such a large group. So we’ll be going back to round-based initiative although we’re still planning on using the individual initiative as detailed below.

Second, we use individual initiative rather than party initiative. The specific die you roll for initiative depends on combat skills and type of weapon. Weapon speed, casting time, andreaction adjustments apply. This probably sounds like a lot of math, but we’ll get the basic costs figured out ahead of time to make it easier.

Action/Ability Initiative Die
Normal initiative d10
Two attacks/round (Specialized fighters, bows, etc.) d6
Casting a spell d4

Spell points – not a house rule but an option from the Spells and Magic book, we generally use spell points for all spellcasters, which provides more flexibility and choice for players. If you want to stick with the “Memorize X# of spells per day” method, that’s fine, it shouldn’t make a difference.

Spell components – We’re going to assume any spell casters have the material components for whichever spells they can cast, regardless of the rarity or value of them.

Encumbrance and Fatigue – We tend to ignore these rules, within reason. This does not mean you may pick up the castle wall and run with it.

Mundane (IC) items – While we’re generally inclined to allow PCs to have most of the in-game mundane items they want, part of the challenge of this particular adventure is going to be using the resources available. Thus we’d like all players to come up with a list of things they want their characters to have. We’re most likely going to allow any reasonable requests, but we may have a different idea of “reasonable”. ;-)

Magic items – All characters will have some sort of magical items, we’ll deal with everyone individually and privately ahead of the game. Be prepared for a focus more on minor, limited-use items. The good news is that you’re likely to have access to more magic this way, the bad news is that you’re going to have to be selective in when you are going to use it.

Monsters and their stats – The creatures you encounter in Moor’s End may different significantly from those you’ve read about in some dusty old tome. Roll with it.

Character information and motivations – Despite the fact that this is going to be a one-shot, we’re still looking to provide an in-depth experience. That means some characters will have information that others don’t, and the goals and motivations of some characters may overlap or conflict. We’re not going to set up any character in a way that makes direct and violent confrontation inevitable, but there will undoubtedly be different perspectives, both in and out of character. Everyone should hopefully be able to get along – it will certainly reduce the chances that your characters get eaten.

More to come as we think of it

House Rules and Game Info

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