Major NPCs - non-status

Allied NPC
Sir Hamish – Paladin and Commander of the garrison at Moor’s End.

Friar Stone

Kadesh and Kaenen

Acolyte Melos

Lizardmen Heroes
Tshaka – The senior druid amongst the Brightfang tribe.

Xakic – a druid and warrior from the Brightfang tribe.

Ithroc – A seasoned dragonkin warrior and shaman from the Ironscale tribe.

Kusa – A powerful shaman from the Bloodthorn tribe.

Axajuncodil – aka “Ajax”. A paladin and the champion of the Bloodthorn tribe.

Montimotlaloa – The high priest of the Longclaw tribe.

Thurga – A dragonkin priest from the Longclaw tribe.

Other assorted NPCs
Nikka – A local village girl who has only the smallest of parts to play in the unfolding drama.


Major NPCs - non-status

Moors End knowman