Tavish Dunholde

Human male. 6'0" 185 lbs. Green eyes, reddish-brown hair kept in a short, tight ponytail, with the left side-burn grown long and braided, where the right side-burn would be is a small, but garish scar/burn. He walks in a very upright, military manner.


Str: 13
Int: 17
Wis: 10
Dex: 15 (aim 13/balance 17)
Con: 15 (health 13/fitness 17)
Cha: 11
HP: 36
AC: 17

Under his military issue tabard, he wears a suit of chainmail. Slung comfortably across his back is a claymore. When on a campaign, a light crossbow accompanies the sword on his back, as well as a small hip quiver.


For whatever reason, Tavish has gained the ire of the Lord Geoffrey Mormont, Earl of Thrynn. That being the case, Tavish has endured some of the worst possible assignments the army has to offer. While Lord Mormont has gone out of his way to make life as miserable as possible for Tavish, the young soldier has taken on every challenge thrown at him and successfully completed them all. He is a soldier, first and foremost. His sense of duty and strong resolve, coupled with his ambitious nature, has served Tavish well and only gained him notoriety and accolades in the army. Now a Lieutenant, his current post in the godforsaken garrison at Moor’s End could be his toughest challenge yet…

Tavish Dunholde

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